night patrol reporting

You’ll be glad to know that home is secure. I am still on duty. I am alert and call the all clear, bi-hourly.

What’s with the pillow thrown my way?

You sweet souls. You think I should rest from duties?

No, sweet creatures. Never mind my comfort. I will not sleep on night watch.


  1. I think the pillow was thrown because you only provide bi-hourly reports. I would make hourly ones. And remember to walk on the heads of the folks on the bed to make sure they hear the report.

  2. I don’t get it. Last night I did extra patrols. Mom sat up and said, in a real loud voice “Knock if off, Patches” No appreciation! Yes, Gigolo is right, walk on em……..

  3. Anonymous said

    The human just don’t understand all that we have to do . . . they always think that they are the only ones with jobs! Hrmph!
    Buzzerbee & meep

  4. Beau said

    You do a very good job, even if you are under appreciated. No one appreciates our night patrol efforts! Go with what GK said!

  5. Terry said

    Walking on their heads is a good idea — I would also say to stand on their chest, lean down into their face and MEWO loudly, then you only have to do it once to get their attention. — Muddy

  6. Sure…it’s all fun and games until something actually happens at night and they wonder why you didn’t warn them.

    Ungrateful humans…

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