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How come the more delicious it is, the more it makes me vomit? How come the less interested in eating it, the better it makes me feel?

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variety is good.

4 guests? For me? You are too kind. I’ll take the lap of this one. She smells nicest.

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unsolicited welcome scoop up.

If I refuse to purr will he set me back down again faster?

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They come in
coat covered with snow
it turns to indoor dew
sunk into wool
smelling like spring

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She looks down.
I’ll give her forehead a sniff of benediction.

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cold lap

I want to lap up the world but thought I would have only the couch for company tonight.

At last they’ve come home. As he bends at the knees to sit I’m already mid-leap. The seating is cold but we’ll warm him up quickly enough.

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new bed

It’s laundry day. Purrrrrrrrfectly hot soft human-fur-replacements.

While she answers the phone, I’ll bed down here.

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