what now?

Something distinctly odd going on here. Things, my sleeping things included are being put in boxes. Some sleeping furniture is missing.

I think I’ll hide in the bathtub.



  1. This cannot be good. Keep ever vigilant and keep us posted.

  2. Oh no oh no oh no.

  3. Anonymous said

    Sounds like it might be the dreaded “M-word” – ugh! We feel for ya!
    Buzzerbee & meep

  4. Max said

    That sounds like Moving things going on! It is NOT a fun thing!

  5. Beau said

    This sounds like trouble. Be careful not to get into one of THOSE boxes. Like Patches Lady said be vigilant.

  6. Oreo said

    UH-OH! Hey, you aren’t moving to ‘merca are ya? Cause if you are you could move down here near us!

  7. Wm. said

    Yep, that sounds pretty ominous. I’d get into a closet and not come out ever.

  8. That doesn’t sound good at all. Make sure you voice your displeasure very loudly at 3 am.


  9. Yes, there’s definitely something afoot here. Watch all your toys carefully to be sure they’re put in boxes and not thrown away!

  10. Oh no – Moving is happening.–>

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