right cats

You were right, right, right.

I should have read the signs. We’ve moved again.

I don’t know which is worse of the process, the computer being last to come, or leaving me in that empty box, or putting me in that tiny box and abducting me.

At least my furniture is made ready for my welcome, unmarred of my markings for the most part.

My first task was to re-mark everything thoroughly.



  1. Oh, mine goodness! This should be good for lotsa treats and loves!!

  2. Make sure you supervise the humans as they unpack so everything goes where it belongs. Then explore… that’s fun! Check out the window sills – the ones here are terrible.

  3. Thank goodness your people didn’t leave you behind, hiding in the bath tub! I think I’d rather keep my beans in a new home than break in new beans in the old home. If you’re lucky, maybe you’ll find a REAL mousie like Buddah did when he and Max moved. Just make sure your beans don’t disappear.

  4. Oh I hate moving. I do like all the boxes though, it’s fun to rip the edges with my teeths. Patches is right, wander around crying very sad and they will give you lots of treats and loving.

    Finny & Buddy

    PS: please come visit our new blog, we are having a Paw Portrait Contest – lots of fun!

  5. Derby said

    Hope you like your new home. ‘Slore lots and find new hidey places. And lotsa windows to watch outside.

    Post picures please.

  6. Diva Kitty said

    Gosh, I hope they didn’t lose your stinky goodness!

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