chasing balls

You know how when you’re hasing a ball and coming near the wall so you let your claws out to grab the carpet…?

Did I mention there’s no carpet?

Ahem. Difficult to walk away with dignity after that volume of body slam into the wall.



  1. My Oogie finds it best to do a tumblesault when about to go for a wall. Lessens the impact.

    Here via Michele’s

  2. kontan said

    Alli has taken to sleeping in the closet or on top of hubby’s drums…she’s still angry over the doxie addition to the family.

    funny site, enjoyed my visit

    here from michele’s

  3. archshrk said

    Hello, Michele sent me.
    Sorry, but I would probably have laughed had I seen it. Of course it would be aas funny if it happened to me.wbekyxj

  4. wow, i’ve never moved, i don’t think i’d want to.

  5. Carmi said

    When we lived in our apartment with endless hardwood floors, we’d entertain ourselves by watching our cat skitter around corners.

    I miss the apartment. And I miss our gato, who passed away almost a year ago.

  6. Valderbar said

    My sympathies Carmi. Its hard to lose el gato from about the house. My colleague passed on this fall. Still I find myself unconsciously passing now adn then when food is delivered waiting for her to eat first.

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