a yesssss sort of day

I feel like a kitten today. Warm sun sinking into the bones. A treat of tuna always gives me zip and on top of that crunchy whiskas treats. I chased those ones down! Ha! Only once did I do a headstand against the wall at high speed.

And bonus: they left the treat bag out! Oh, for thumbs! for thumbs!



  1. Oreo said

    Bite it open! Use those teethies!! Ask Max how…he knows very well!

  2. Oreo speaks the truth! Use those teethies!

  3. Beau said

    Rip it open with the teeth!!

  4. one of us said

    chew and bite it open dude ~Merlin, Shadow, Ko Ko

  5. Pearl said

    teeth? I only have 2 left, not like you young kittens.

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