This was the horridist day.

As I napped peacefully, I was grabbed! Catnapped into a small box, put in a box with a loud noise, taken away to those people again.

I knew that’s where we would end up. I meowed loud all the way hoping I could persuade them, deter them from that but to not avail. Those antisepetic people stole my blood, they poked me with needles, they cut my toenails.

On the plus side I met Skittles in the waiting room. (That’s her human name.) We conversed for a long time. It seems she, queenly longhair with a striped grey coat, has to go there monthly. Can you imagine?! She lives with a dog too. We were just getting down to meaty stuff when one of those people scooped her away.

After all that I’ll be napping, with one eye open.



  1. Dude Oh my – the horror!

  2. This is so not fair!!

  3. I kinda likes going places in my box. I get to meet nice new peoples who always snuggle me and say how cute I am. Then they usually rub my belly. So that’s ok, as long as Mom is there.

  4. I yell at them all the way there, then give them the silent treatment all the way home. Makes ’em worry. I don’t talk to strangers. And as for the VET bean herself, I growl when she tries to hear my heart and hiss when she wants to see my teeth. I bite and kick for everything else. It’s indecent, what they’ll do to a girl.

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