poke poke

I pat her shoulder but only get a non-coordinated swat in the direction I used to be standing.

I’m hungry. I’ll sit here with my fur and stomach grumbles to your cheek.

No stir. You’re fast asleep.

I’ll move between your legs. Core body temperature has raised since last time.

Can you feel this warm ball here?

No? Ok, I’ll walk up your meridian line and see if that helps…

As I stood on her chest and looked at her closed eyelids, they jumped back.

Bingo. Now let’s see what you can do about getting me some food.



  1. Wm. said

    Screaming works better at my house.

  2. You are so subtle — good job. 😀

  3. They can be so unresponsive sometimes. Sandpaper kisses works, especially on their nose. It sticks out far enough, that is for sure.

  4. I climb around their heads. Fear of smothering is effective.

  5. I get a toy and pounce it all over the bed on top of Mom. If that doesn’t work, I sneeze on her face.

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