surprise greeting

Meeting them at the door is so done. I want to try something fresh, but…

I was going to hide in the closet and spring out at them when they go to hide their coats but the last few elevator bings weren’t them. They are late. May have to forfeit the whole make them scream again.

The last time I tried this, I fell asleep entirely and they woke me when they come in. What to do? Then I stretched, and leisurely ambled out. It was a decent second-best.



  1. we try and hide when mommy comes home too – but Sammy usually ruins it by running out into the hall all happy that she’s home. – Miles

  2. ooh, you live in a building with a lelevator….that could be fun, do you ever take rides on it?

  3. one of us said

    We have an levitator too, but our ‘beans don’t have to use it. They are on the first floor, but Merlin likes to sit in the door behind the screen and talk to anyone going up or down when he can. He is LOUD too. ~Ko Ko

  4. Ambling is always good….they never know what to expect when you amble….and you can always change your mind at the last minute, without looking dumb.

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