grooming crooning blues

I feel sorry for them humans. They don’t seem to know the basics about grooming.

They only do it once a twice a day and on weekends, sometimes not even that much!

And when they do wash themselves, they get all yucky with citrus or non-edible flower smells.

At least let me clean your hands…I offer a tongue but they giggle me away.



  1. kristal said

    LOL… cute site. This is my first visit and I’m here via Michele. I’d let you lick my hands but I’m very allergic! To cats, not grooming.

  2. Mom says I wear her skin off when I cleanse her! How rude!!

    And then she uses this liquid purple soap on her body, other soap on her head, she rolls other smells under her pits, shaves the fur off her legs with other smells, sprays her hair with yet another smell! I CANT STAND IT! They should bottle kitty spit, do you agree?

  3. Kelly Cat said

    Oh, don’t get me started about humans and grooming. My human has had to protect me from his friend because she keeps threatening to give me a bath — a bath! Who can figure humans?

  4. one of us said

    Don’t even get us started about ‘beans and their BAD grooming habits ~Merlin, Shadow, Ko Ko

  5. my Mom LOVES kitty licks. you can come over any time and lick her. i got enough lickin’ to do to keep myself clean, having these white feet and tummy and all

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