Yes, that gets it. I spread my toes as far they go until I can see the bare skin speckle of stretched skin between.

Whew, good to get a good thorough clean. But the humans are laughing at me.

Oh Mroress, forgot to put my tongue back in.



  1. i hate it when that happens. then you fall asleep and the beans take pikshurs with the flashy thing and embarass you.

  2. Kelly Cat said

    Humans hate it because they can’t do what you can do. Do you ever see humans licking between their own toes? (Or even anyone else’s?) Of course not. Jealousy of cat qualities is so petty. Shrug…

  3. one of us said

    We hate it when that happens ~Merlin, Shadow, Ko Ko

  4. Beau said

    That’s SOOOO embarassing!

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