rare but unwelcome reocurrance

Do you ever plan out your day, sunpatch route and when to watch for birds disturbed and what not then an hour or so into it you realize that your hairless people have closed the route to your toilet and are gone?

When the jane finally got home my legs were so crossed. I meowed a good long one. But she fed me. Neeeeoow I said, repeating myself but she gave me water. Threw me a ball, patted me, all fine but neeeeoow. I went to the litter but she didn’t follow. Lassie must have had smarter people. Finally she noticed the closed door and swung it to freedom.

What a relief, I can’t tell you.


  1. Wm. said

    Wow. Great restraint!

  2. one of us said

    Poor baby ~Poi Mom Jane

  3. Humans! The last thing you needed was more water.


    What a bummer! Where are their Big Human Minds??? Thinking about stuff we kitty’s don’t understand, I guess. Glad she finally got the message…that could have been really messy.

  5. That happend to me once, an I waited long as I could, then I went where the litter box useda was an, you know, pooped. On the floor. I did my bestest, but the door was closed. Mom was only a little mad.

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