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Yes, that gets it. I spread my toes as far they go until I can see the bare skin speckle of stretched skin between.

Whew, good to get a good thorough clean. But the humans are laughing at me.

Oh Mroress, forgot to put my tongue back in.

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research question

Certainly the sparrows chrip louder here than the-place-where-were-cows. A question for those of you who have moved from country to city. Do you find that in moving to the noise-box environment that your purr capacity increases in volume to compete.

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windy city

Birds are flapping hard against the headwind. People’s fake fur is whipping around. Garbage is running down the street. There’s enough wind out there to blow a cat sideways off her leap.

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where do you think you’re going?

Don’t go to bed human! You only sat a minute all night.

You’vee looked after your comfort of spirit, what of mine?

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grooming crooning blues

I feel sorry for them humans. They don’t seem to know the basics about grooming.

They only do it once a twice a day and on weekends, sometimes not even that much!

And when they do wash themselves, they get all yucky with citrus or non-edible flower smells.

At least let me clean your hands…I offer a tongue but they giggle me away.

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comforting what’s cats do best

Tomalayo gets her comfort from a tabby, although this other cat fights too when the pup tries to take the food.

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moving around

Oh, are going to bed now? I’ve been thinking, that bed is entirely too big, even for the large scale of the two of you. I think I could nicely nest between these pillows….

mea, ma,

You lifting me out like a kitten was more than necessary really. I would have scooted on my own 4 feet.

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