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stinky goodnesses

Milk that sack of gravy, squeeze, squeeze.

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heat seeking furzle

No sun. Heaters off. Where to find heat? His chest. Of course. Why didn’t I think of it sooner?

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even near perfection as limits

I’m not referrring to perfection as myself, but thanks for letting the thought cross your mind.

No, no, in this case. I’m thinking ambient fragrance. In particular the popped can goodness.

The only disadvantage of tuna is the tuna-scented flatulance. It puts me off the fish itself now and then.

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Did you see this?

Did you see the Cat nurses puppy story?

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look out

How can I cover so little floor area and still get my tail stepped on? I know they have big feet and poor eyes and weak coordination, especially after dar, but this is ridiculous.

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All of us need a nap.
I don’t know about the humans, but I took one.

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what to do? to do?

I’m bored. Think I’ll go lick an ankle of a sleeper.

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