What’s that? Morsels in sauce?
I know just what I’ll do with that.
First, I’ll lick all the morsels dry and second, I’ll ask for more gravy.



  1. yep. that’s what we do. love the gravy, hate the chunks.

  2. Mom says to tell you, yes there am fishys in the pond. She calls them CATFISH!!! Does that mean they are meant for us to eat?

    We eats the gravy first too, that is the bestest part.

  3. Oh Yeah! Gravy rules!!

  4. Kelly Cat said

    They should really make gravy-with-chunks canned stinky goodness instead of chunks with gravy. Maybe they will after they invent mouse-flavored cat food.

  5. Max said


  6. ChatCat said

    Gravy is the BESTest!

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