What is it? You’re looking at me.

Oh, the box. You aren’t going to light me are you? Hurry up.

Time’s up. I’m going back to grooming.

I just need to get this, last bit. Never can be too clean.



  1. You is such a handsome boy – I wish I was ten years younger…..


  2. Derby said

    So nice to see some pictures of you.

  3. Boni said

    You look nice in your piktures, Valdebar!

  4. DebR said

    Very handsome pics!

    Michele sent me.

  5. Oreo said

    Humans gots no respect for us cats! You am awful purrty though!

  6. This is obviously a cat that is secure “in his skin”. He samples a little bit of life then moves on to take care of business. You know, important things, like grooming!

  7. Zeus said

    I used to be with a feline very similar to you, Mr. Valdebar! You look a lot like her! It made my human smile to see these pictures of you!

  8. So good to see you cleaning in the sunshine. You look like a happy cat!!

  9. caramaena said


    here via Michele’s

  10. Michele said

    Hello Valderbar….

    You really are a beautiful cat, ah, but you already know that. In fact, you are simply purr-fect.

    Yes, you can groan now, I did as I wrote it. Now, please return to your busy work.

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