for me?

MieeeAy! tongue-burn.
If you cook me fish, cool it down first. Blood-hot maximum.



  1. It has taken FOREVER, but Mom finally learned to cool my foods down!

    Miss Patches

  2. kenju said

    Your mom actually cooks fish for you? Mine never does.

  3. yeow! i guess we’re lucky that mom had ofer kitties to practice on before she got us. our food is cooled down some

  4. Kelly Cat said

    But your mom is in such a hurry to give you good food…at least give her credit for wanting to serve you quickly.

  5. Wm. said

    My mom doesn’t cook for us, either. And she never eats anything we can share. Well, hardly ever anyway.

  6. Good point to remember!! How nice to have a cook — fish sounds great. 😀

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