[What’s that? (sniff, sniff) ]


(Happy Easter)



  1. Zeus said

    Isis and I have been tempted to go after the grass which is not grass inside the colorful basket, but we have refrained. Have willpower, Valdebar!

    Happy Easter!

  2. that looks like a huge bunny doot! what did it smell like?

  3. Wm. said

    Maybe it’s full of treats! Did you try breaking it?

  4. You aer showing extreme caution and thats the right way to go about it. It might explode or somethin’!

  5. Beau said

    When in doubt proceed with caution. So what happened next???

  6. I can tell you this – despite rumors – that does not come from a bunny’s butt!

  7. Did some fool bunny leave that?

  8. one of us said

    Is that a bunny doot? I don’t know if I would eat that Valdemar ~Merlin

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