May I have a seat?

Little housefly she is. She has settled. She is sitting. Her legs are straight.

I approach and signal my intent to settle by straddling her knees. I lick one hand and ask it to move. I lick the other hand and ask it to be moved. I look up. No response. I lick the first again. Fine we’ll do this the bumpy way and I turn three times and settle on the knees, hands and all.



  1. Timmy said

    You slept on her hands? That’s so silly 🙂

  2. We must give lessons on pefecting the human lap. You would think they would learn, but they are dense and stubborn…..

  3. Ummm, we spose if you nipped her she’d toss you on the floor? So a lumpy lap is better than no lap. You need to be appreciated better dude….

  4. Zeus said

    How can you get tender affections from the human pet if you sleep on their hands? :/

  5. Hehehe — Dandelion, another cat in our house, believes in licking to get his way with the humans. It works pretty well — they’ll do anything not to get licked.

  6. Valderbar said

    Zeus, it guantees that as soon as you start to doze, the hands don’t suddenly wake you. But talk about lumpy bed.

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