what’s this?

I can’t nap a minute around here without something odd happening.

What ever could all this be?

The little things work well for chasing under the stove and fridge, I can tell you that much.



  1. kismet said

    Hi, here via Michele.
    Sadly, I have no cats….but maybe soon?

    Have a great weekend.


  2. Zeus said

    Isis loves those little thingamajigs! I could care less for them though.

  3. daisy said

    Thanks for the help identifying the bird, Valderbar. I credited you with the call.

  4. Mom calls them peanuts…I though peanuts were for eating, but I have tasted them and they taste awful, but wonderful to play with.

    You mentioned on my blog about hiding in the long dresses in the closet when the clicky box comes out……..I have a problem with that Valdebar…the Mom doesnt wear them, she wears the Dad’s pants, I think, they both look the same…..

  5. I just love those little playthings, very crunchy.

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