All of us need a nap.
I don’t know about the humans, but I took one.


  1. You are even photogenic doing your napping.

  2. my beans don’t nap nearly enough, ‘specially my Mom. she’s always tired from workin’ so hard. i wonder how i could get her to nap more?

  3. Boni said

    Good idea! We hafta teach our beans to nap more. I’ll go be a good example and take a nap.

  4. Our mommy will only nap when we crawl up and lay on her. She says we’re magic ‘acause we makes her go to sleep whenefurr we lay on her. – Miles

  5. Oh, what a heavenly picture of you…..we like to curl up that way too and the people think we are so cute, good for extra treats.

  6. Naps are what cats do when they aren’t eating. That’s what I’m told by Fred the Cat, who allows us to share his house with him.

  7. Your picture should be the universal sign for NAP

  8. Zeus said

    What a pretty picture of you, Valdebar!

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