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nook, I see a nook!

Purrrfectly dark small, closet left open. Must enter.


It smells in there!

Do you suppose humans developed foot sweat so they can track each other in summer?

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flashing lights

There is a storm. I’ve decided to hole out between the hollow between the pillows of tom and jane. They don’t seem to mind.

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Cans? For me?

Wait why are you eating them? Shouldn’t that be mine?

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Sniff sniff.

Anyone been around?

I’ve been lazy.

People were in today. 3 strange human toms. They smelled allergic so I followed them around. They seemed to be my helpers. They cleaned the home’s fur filters. 2 men. 3 filters. Maybe they are heavier than they look.

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Going so soon?

Hey why do they always go to bed just as night gets started? No need to hide in bed?

They should nap more. They miss good stuff.

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I’m hungry!

Ok, they’ve slept long enough now. I’ve been patient enough. Time to lick the hands.

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Oh she’s got my Jacobson’s organ going now!

Mashed potatoes. Please just drop some. Don’t make me beg.

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