I won’t poke

Sheesh they sleep a lot. I’ll creep on a chest, slowly lower my tail to under chin, to top of chin, flick, flick, to lips, nose. There we go! A brush away. Do we have wakeup?



  1. I usually sneeze in Mom’s face. That wakes her! This morning, I was so happy I drooled, so I let that drip on Mom’s face. She woke up, but I don’t fink she liked it.

  2. This morning it was disgustingly late (4:00 AM) and the Furless Ones had been napping for hours. It was way past stinky goodness time. The Mom had her hand hanging off the side of the bed, so I licked it and she just put it under the covers. I went downstairs and did my famous “get up” yowl! Five times I did this, finally I went back upstairs, thinking she was surely dead! She came around at 4:45 and fed the three of us, by this time we are completely a rack of bones!!

  3. I stand on her chest & meow. loudly. -Shaggy

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