tap tap

(on couch)
tap-tap. yes those are my toes on your leg. Thanks for noticing. We come to say: Hello, you have fish. Share?

No don’t go to the bathroom with your fish.
Don’t you trust me? leave it on the coffee table. I’ll watch it.

(in bathroom)
Fancy meeting you here.
Tap-tap. Got fish?

(trot on heels)
Yes, considerate of you but No, I don’t need my toilet cleaned.

(at desk)

(trot-trop to food mecca)
We’re going to get fish?

Yes, canned food, (sniff) very nice. Where’s the cooked fish?
There must be more.

(back at desk)
Got fish. Must be some left.

Whyever do you make such a loud screaming sound.

(tap-tap.) You ok?
oh, and got fish?



  1. Oh, the agony of trying to get fish! Beans are soooo hard to train, sometimes.

  2. don’t they know they’re supposed to cook you your OWN fishy?

  3. I really hate to beg, but I am very good at it. I will carry on until I at least get to try whatever the Furless One is munching on.

  4. Zeus said

    I think you should begin to go into extreme tactics to get your fish. Perhaps if you did not consistently use the litter box and went wherever you pleased, the homo sapien would figure out you wanted fish. Of course, when they gave you fish, you could stop and go back to being civilized with the litter box.

  5. Grins said

    :;sigh::: cats, they know they are in charge huh? This is why I live with two golden retrievers, they at least let me think I’m the boss. Here via Michele!

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