it’s all relative

Sure to him it’s a knee but to me, it’s a gum massager.



  1. Oreo said

    MMMMMM, gum massager…..mmmmmmmm

  2. bean parts are kinda weird…elbows are even stranger than knees…so are their feet…

  3. Zeus said

    I agree with Edsel. Those elbows and feet are dangerous at times, especially when the human pet is laying on the bed. I never considered using them as gum massagers, but I might now!

  4. I’m joining the middle of this. Who is Edsel? I know there was an ill-fated car named after one of the Ford Family members in 1958. But who is Edsel? Do tell!

  5. What else are knees for, Walderbar?

    Michele sent me here.

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