nook, I see a nook!

Purrrfectly dark small, closet left open. Must enter.


It smells in there!

Do you suppose humans developed foot sweat so they can track each other in summer?


  1. Just don’t breathe too deeply. Or get stuck in there!

  2. Oreo said

    Valderbar, am you comin to mine party next month?

  3. Wm. said

    It’s a trap!

  4. Cin said

    Good question.

    And can you answer one for me?

    Why do some of feline folk look on shoes as a repository for toys? I keep finding catnip mice in my favourite shoes…

  5. Zeus said

    That foot sweat can be deadly. When my human pet comes home from playing basketball, I can’t be around her feet. It’s just toxic! You need to be very careful, Valdebar, and take some serious precautions!

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