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flaunt your thumbs why don’t you?

They like teasing me I think.

They put all this greenery in pots on the other side of glass but won’t let me out on the balcony to get it.

As if I could just think hard enough to get it. I let my telekenesis hobby laspe I’m afraid.

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big adventure

Went on a walkabout.

Made it to the hall.

To the next door in the hall.

Ran home.

Think I’ll take a nap.

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What a purrr-fect pleasure

Hey, I’m in the Top 10 cat sources on the Internet. Go you’ll see other fur-folks you know.

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Cat video

I’m not sure which bean language they are speaking but the cat action is the star in any case. Watch out for this little tiger

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it’s all relative

Sure to him it’s a knee but to me, it’s a gum massager.

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I fell off the chair arm. I think I’ll go scratch a carpet.

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I’m not being picky but

Can’t they find any canned food without that bitter part in it. Almost every can seems to have one these days.

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