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on and off

Yes I had wanted to be stroked and led the tom and jane over there to be catted.

But, see? Birds.

Must be off.

Changeable as a cat isn’t that what they say?

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Everyone has their less photogenic moments but these sure looks like sour pusses

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They lured me with special crunchie chicken treats. I was sure I could sneak one but they snatched me up and took away my sharp points, they did.

Never trust your trecherous stomach

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I know that sound

The ringing that precedes being restrained.

The elevator comes.

The cat lady cometh and there goeth my clawses. I am under the bed until further notice.

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role play

Did you know humans have places where they go go and role play as cats? They get their nails clipped and get petted for hours. Local humans call them spas.

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hork interrupted

I didn’t want to hork on the floor but there was this hairball and the carpet seems a better choice but then the man chased me and I ran into a table leg and then into the sofa. So many legs and all this diaphragm action. What a grievous afternoon. Think I’ll go sleep on the hem of some skirts in the closet.

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