it’s cute how they burble

A strange jane came by again.

She came in and purred in human at me in that hinge-like way.

I think she likes me.



  1. Mamacita said

    I’m a pretty strange Jane, myself.

    Here from Michele’s tonight.

  2. Robin said

    Is that anything like a slippery belt purr? I gots one of those

    Tess(with mom typing)

    Here from Michele’s today!

  3. Zeus said

    How could ladies named Jane not like you, Valdebar? You’re a stud!

  4. What’s not to like? Is she coming back?

  5. Laura said

    From your earlier post: “Hey why do they always go to bed just as night gets started? No need to hide in bed?” That was hilarious!!

    I’m here from MIcheles, too. I think i’ll have to introduce your site to my cats. Or maybe I’d better not… hmmmm

  6. I LUV CATS said

    This post has been removed by a blog administrator.

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