what’s that in your hand loaner-Jane?


I like the comb but brush. Hm, I can live with that. especially, right about…higher, ….

higher…yep. there too. there., there is good.

excuse me I’ll have to give this my full attention.



  1. when will your regular people be back?

  2. We just tuned in to you and have been following the saga of the loaner jane…this is ridiculous….a stand in, an apprentice, an understudy to care for the magnificent Valdebar!!!! But at least she knows how to operate the brush!

  3. one of us said

    we understand ~Merlin, Shadow, Ko Ko

  4. Diva Kitty said

    is your Jane not back YET?

  5. Meep gets “wiped”, combed, and then he gets his tooth brushed. Be happy you’ve got somebody who just brushes ya!

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