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nap surface imminent

The man was watching the flickering blue thing but his eyelids were getting heavy in a way that would do a cat proud. I knew the time was coming. I watched from the edge of the sofa. When he shifted to lie down for just a minute I made my move. Onto his stomach. We got in a good 3 hour’s sleep that way.

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intention denied

All the important stuff was looked after. She was fed. He was fed and I was fed.

We’d all had our go at our respective litters. What more is there to life?

Me of course.

She, the regular jane, was fidgety. Although not quite at the level of cat-boxing imaginary moths in the corner, she could use a bit of cat-care.

As soon as she sat down to check her email, I nabbed her. I grabbed that opportunity and catted her solidly, leveraging all my weight and intent against her intent to be busy.

Show over. She was out for the count in under 2 minutes flat.

(Don’t worry I only use my sedative powers for the sources of good.)

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trumping my press corps

The human was going to take a flashy-flash picture of me. We won’t have that. A cat can’t sleep with all this paparazzi about. I know I’m beautiful but one must contain oneself. Be inspired by the subject and take on a queenly air.

I didn’t think that would fly. Failing that., I slept on the camera. A lens fit nicely in the skin flap under my leg. Good curl around surface overall. Plus effective.

Apart from the whispers and coos at my cuteness. But I can live with that.

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study up people

The temporary Jane was an upgrade. She know to add hot water to food not microwave it and make it all more cooked. She knows that those bitter white things are better as a powder. I can’t lick past them that way. She petted me at the same time twice a day. She was dependable.

Sure I miss you too.

But do you think you get get training from temporary Jane. Clearly she knows cats.

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cat came but but not the next day

You may have guessed since the last post that the people closed the lid on the computer and turned it off when they went.

They’re back therefore I am back. They’ve just come staggering in like some old tom in the wee hours.

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what’s that in your hand loaner-Jane?


I like the comb but brush. Hm, I can live with that. especially, right about…higher, ….

higher…yep. there too. there., there is good.

excuse me I’ll have to give this my full attention.

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quiet isn’t it?

This is really odd.

No one to keep me warm at night. Just me and the tail. And you folks of course.

Couldn’t I keep the loaner Jane overnight?

Of course she has her own two cat-toms herself to look after.

With a certain whiff de other-house and Siamese young female if I’m not mistaken.

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