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gifts from the great outdoors

The humans brought home a peculiar set of gifts for me. The fresh feather of pigeon I particularly appreciate. The two house fly visitors less so.

One or the other kept landing on me as I napped. I don’t like to snap at guests but in theses cases, I have to make an exception.

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now look here

My lap stood me up again and then carried me to the food. I can walk. I would rather sit but what can you do with fidgety-folks. All they need is to settle down with a good brushing, of me of course.

Have you see these cats acting out emoticons

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The picture above can be clicked on for a better view.

So can these two of more me in the sun:



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look out for the shorter people

Watch where you’re going long legs. I am not a football. My feet can only take me so far so fast.

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blogs of summer

I don’t really get with it soon enough to get nominating for the Blogs of Summer but I voted. You all doing that too?

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be mindful of me and my meaning

There is a way to stroke. Watch my tail.

If he’s going to stroke on a flat plain careening into my bones and doesn’t notice the increasing flick of my tail tip, as pleasant as this could be, I will need to walk away from the warm pillow which is him.

The man needs to know where my luxurious hair ends and air begins. He needs to attend to the position and shapes of my lithe musculature.

Hairball! What’s with this not knowing where my head is? More lessons for him later.

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new diet

I’ve decided to make a change in my dietary requirements. From now on I would like to be treated as a butter-and-gravytarian. Now, how to get the word out?

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