all’s quiet

What a week. Lighting and thunder almost every day and then on Canada Day fireworks lighting that must have went on for half an hour. I’ve never been more glad to see bare sky. More birds like that.



  1. Timmy said

    Happy a’lated Canadian Day my kind poodin’ from the north! We’re expecting kaboomies in the sky tomorrow night. Momma mentioned something ’bout me going with her to see them. I wented last year and watched them safely from the car. You have thunder and lightnings?! I likes to look up in the sky at it when it does that. Momma says I’m weird.

  2. Ayla said

    Happy Canada Day!

    I hate the crash-a-boomies we get here this weekend. Stupid humans forget that July 4th is one day, not four. My head is still rattling from the boomies last night and the Mom tells me the holiday isn’t until tomorrow. Bah.

  3. Time to wrap yourself in that flag again, eh? We’ve had noisy fings that kinda crinkle almost efurry night, an I fink I prefer thunder an lightning cuz it’s natural. …or Bonnie, who sounds like a t-storm wif her growlin.

  4. Happy Canada Day! It’s going to be kaboomies tonight here for the fourth. I don’t like kaboomies.

  5. We had kabomies here on the 4th and then Mother Nature came along with lightning and tons of thunder that kept even Momma awake and made me hide really good all night….Had to nap all day to make up for the noisy night last night….

    Mittens Pollypaws

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