Very funny. You know I don’t want that. I have as much use for your broccoli as for my disposed off hair.

Which reminds me, could you sweep instead of vacuuming next time? I really don’t want to get up.


  1. Cyndy said

    Hi there…I’m the mom of a very particular kitty in Denver, her name is Kitty KrisMiss and she asked me to come here from Michele’s meet and greet.

  2. Malinda777 said

    I love kittys. I have a beautiful Persian named Poofy. Your comments are witty and so appropriate for cats 🙂

    Here from Michele

  3. Ayla said

    Broccoli? Yuck.

    The Mom was vacuuming this morning right after we ate. Hello? If you don’t want us throwing up all over the place, don’t throw us into panic attacks.

  4. Yup, the only broccoli I like is Brach Lee, Kukka-Maria’s bro. Watch out for “let us,” too. Let’s not.

  5. The tall hairless ones offered you broccoli? Do you have a good lawyer? THAT is grounds to sue them for something! — Alberta, Sky, Blackie and Charlie

  6. Wm. said

    Why is your mom eating little trees, anyway? Doesn’t she know this is leading to global warming and this is why we’re ALL SO HOT this summer?

  7. Zeus said

    I can’t believe the humans even offered it to you. Don’t they know better?

  8. yeah, my mommy gived me that stuff once. yuck.

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