New look

The people are away so I have been playing since I have the computer all to myself.

How do you like the new look of my template?

I think I finally have all your addresses right now too.



  1. we like the look, good job

  2. Alex said

    : )

  3. That is a gorgeous picture of you! You look just like your drawing, but pictures are really the best…then we can admire your beauty!

  4. Beau said

    Love it but can’t see all of picture in top right corner. You did very well! And, in case you’re interested there are 120+ cat bloggers now. (I know…it’s overwhelming!)

  5. Valderbar said

    Thanks edsel, scooby, shaggy and scout, and alex.

    wow, so many cat bloggers beau. It looks ok in safari but in internet explorer i can’t get the title and picture to nudge down.

  6. Wm. said

    I like it! You kinda look like my cat mom. (Not my true mom, though.)

  7. Yes, we like your new template. It’s also nice to see a picture of the real you!

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