good news, bad news

They accidentally shut me out of the bed room! bad news.
Good news: when the big, close storm came, they opened the door.
Graciously, I came and did my duty to hover and protect. I live to serve.



  1. i live to annoy when they are asleep. – Miles

  2. Zeus said

    I think you’re very brave, Valdebar. I have had the human pet roll on me while laying on the bed and kicked off of the bed one too many times for me to go and try to lay down with her again!

  3. Ayla said

    I made sure years ago that the Humans did not close the bedroom door. When the Mom accidently closed it a couple of times, I sat outside and howled until she opened it. Now it’s propped open constantly with a door stopper.

    Also, I sleep in the closet and would be very, very mad if I did not have access to my sleepy spot.–>

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