Good day for meditation

A grey overcast day.

The people seem to be around. I call them to the couch to demonstrate how to observe how to still still and be.


They don’t get it and try to brush me then, confused, rush into their hurry again.


They may need years more of training.



  1. yep, years and years of training. sometimes we fink it’s hopeless.

  2. Sometimes they don’t realize we spend so much time in deep thought. If I could offer one piece of advice to my people it would be – slow down and be like a cat. They always think they must be on the go.

  3. Hot(M)BC said

    Yeah lots and lots a years a trainin. Beans are kinda hard to train. Some fings they don’t never learn tool.
    ~~ Sanjee

  4. I’ve been doing training for 9 years now. Sometimes I think it’ll never end!


  5. The art of meditation, will they never learn….and this hurry worry thing……sigh…..I think it is naptime.

    Oh, lovely photo, btw…..

    Patches Lady

  6. Wm. said

    No amount of years works.

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