new nook

The female moved the desk a couple tail widths. Now I can lie behind it and be near her. This is much better than sitting on her wheeled chair. My tail is grateful.



  1. Comfort is a necessity. Plus you’ve got a good hiding spot now.

  2. Very nice!

  3. it’s nice that she didded that for you!

  4. You have been tagged! Visit our blog to play along.

  5. Fiona Bun said

    DKM put up a block behind her desk and I’m a little miffed. It’s not like she used that power cord for the printer…

  6. one of us said

    We love it when Mom makes cuddle spaces for us. ~Merlin, Shadow, Ko KO

  7. oh your poor tail!!

  8. Zeus said

    Goodness! The dangers of the wheeled chair must have been horrible. I’m happy for your tail as well!

  9. It seems, they forget about our tails. I suppose, it is because they don’t have one, poor souls.


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