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There was a crow. It cawed just cat lengths away from me. The window was open. If I could have leap like Cattess Mror, I could have caught it’s tail.

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Well, I was asleep, until a certain someone came in, with pizza. That’s not so bad a wake up really. I got a shred of cheese and to lick the paper plate. Yum!

Then I finished my nap on the plate, arrrrroma, coating my fur with fat for a bonus yummy cleaning later.

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ride em cat

I thought I would ride the humans tonight. You know, sort of be like a cowboy on a bronco and see how long I could stay ontop through the knees up, down, rolls, flips and curls. I did pretty well. Not my best time but I’m a little out of practice.

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tall clouds

High wind. The screen door blew open. I could go on the balcony if it just blew hard enough to open the glass door too.

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injection moulded into lap

It’s so warm. I’m cotted between the sun and a soft space on a lap.

I think I’ll lick my coat soaked to cool off.

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testing theories

I was sitting in the lap and the petting had stopped so I thought it might be time to try out the new sound I’ve been working on when they’re away. It came out sort of like a bark. I was impressed with ensuing vocalizations from the pair.

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Rain comes again
crows set the tone
over grey on grey

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