Thanks for your concern at my absence.

I could say I’ve been lazy.
Which is to a degree true. I could say I’ve been on vacation. Which is true since I haven’t been posting.

Biggest truth is the computer remembered my username, password and email account so I didn’t have to.
Then it went and forgot it all!

I was locked out of here. In the rain. With dogs barking in the distance.

But I’m back and its sunny now.

I’ll retro-post a little to get you all caught up.



  1. Carmi said

    Bad computer!

    Glad everything came back. I felt as if my life was missing catnip in your absence.

  2. Theo said

    clever approach. what fun you must have viewing life so.

    Michele sent me.

  3. Welcome back Valdebar! So glad you are able to visit and post once again….SWEETIE says Hi, too and he is upset with me because I haven’t updated his blog for him for a l-o-n-g time.

    Soon, I will.
    Meanwhile, I’m happy to see you once again, my dear!

  4. Ayla said

    Computers can be both a blessing and a curse. I’m glad you got yours back up and running right. We missed you.

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