Rain comes again
crows set the tone
over grey on grey



  1. yep, been raining here for 2 whole days!

  2. one of us said

    we like rain ~Merlin, shadow, Ko Ko

  3. Got lotza rain in New Hampshire too. Our girl says to tell you that she really likes your flikr pix!

  4. Fiona Bun said

    We’re grey also… but it’s fog not rain.

  5. Yikes! How dreary! We have sun in Minnesota!

  6. grey comes, it goes, rain comes, it goes, sun comes, it goes, snow comes, it goes. we have no darned control

  7. Please, please, please … Send some rain our way! It’s been well over 100 days since our last sprinkle and we are parched. “Sunny” San Diego needs some of your rain. We’ll take it any way you’re willing to send it … except humidity/hot. We’ve had plenty of that …

    Oh, by the way, terrific poem.

    DaisyMae Maus

  8. Oh goodness! It’s still sunny in California! Come over and visit us and enter our caption contest!

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