tall clouds

High wind. The screen door blew open. I could go on the balcony if it just blew hard enough to open the glass door too.


  1. mar said

    Windy, isn’t it?
    which reminds me of this:
    Three little old ladies sitting in a bus shelter:

    1st lady: “Windy, en’it?”
    2nd lady: “No it’s not, it’s Thursday.”
    3rd lady: “So am I. Let’s go and ’ave a drink!”
    here via Michele’s…

  2. Wm. said

    If the glass door blew open, you might blow away too. Me, I’d hide under the bed.

  3. Rats! Foiled again!

  4. one of us said

    Hmmmm……we need some wind here to open our front door ~Merlin, Shadow, Ko Ko

  5. Karnov said

    Just a bit more wind, a bit more wind is all it needs.

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