There was a crow. It cawed just cat lengths away from me. The window was open. If I could have leap like Cattess Mror, I could have caught it’s tail.


  1. Oreo said

    Oh, I bet crow tastes good!!!

    “Do you suppose it means there’s some signal light in there? Did she fall on any toy train sets lately? Advise her to eat fatty fish and give you some too. ”

    I don’t fink her has…I will ask! Meanwhile, I is putting up pictors of her ex-rays right now!

  2. Crows are my favorite! I’ve never tasted one, though.

    Our beans got efurrything dried up, thanks for askin’! We were worried for awhile there, though…

  3. Hot(M)BC said

    Mommy talks about hafin to “eat crow” but she makes it sound icky. I bets your crow woulda tasted better.
    ~~ Sanjee

  4. i don’t think i’d tussle with a crow, they’re pretty big

  5. Wm. said

    You’re so lucky, Valdebar. I *love* crows and I hardly ever ever see any.

  6. Lux said

    Hi Valdebar! What a cool name! You don’t know me, but I’ve been following links around on pages of cats I’m friends with and ended up here …

    Next time I hope you get your crow. But what is a crow? And what is cawing? This is all very mysterious.

  7. Valderbar said

    They are rather big. I bet, even with hollow bones he’d weight more than me. It was exciting.

    Welcome Lux. Can always use more lights around here.

  8. Dear AL said

    Maybe you should try, Valderbar, but for the whole bird. I hear they taste like chicken!

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