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good day

Sun patches all day and tonight the humans home for me to drape.

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Some days just are nose behind tail sort of days aren’t they

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got me

I had been sprawled over two laps for hours when out of nowhere came a nail clipper and it was headed towards me! They only did one nail before giving me a treat. I’ll live.

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What is that smell??

I stop nipping my old claw off and go bedside. I think it’s coming from the open mouth. I climb up and take a closer sniff. Whoops. I touched nose to nose. She woke up.

Nothing thrown. All is well.

Back to the between the toes hair. For me at least. She’ll probably fall back asleep at this perfectly fine hour for a stroll.

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Man is forming a bathtub with his legs for me to groom in. Lovely. Must go.

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maybe back

Ok, I think I took a blogging break. It would be better if I told you in advance.

I’m not sure if I’m officially back yet or not because I don’t have anything to say or any pictures.

That’s what futures are made for right?

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Room to Groom


Who let the paparazzi in?
alert lying down

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