A shot for Luxor


This is my best impression of luxor showing off bat ears.


  1. What an absolutely GORGEOUS picture!

  2. Lux said

    While I can’t help but feel flattered (I think!), you, Valderbar, have a beauty all your own. And, yes, you guessed it, one of my past lives was lived in Egypt. We met there?

  3. Lux said

    At the risk of seeming somewhat “wordy,” I feel I must return and tell you I truly admire your picture, with that regal air you wear.

  4. Merlin said

    Hiya! I just found your blog, and I really like it!

    You have nice ears. When I was a baby, my mom says I had super big ears. But I grew into them.

  5. Cecilia said

    Very cool. You should join little Catzee for Torti Tuesday!

  6. what a furry nice pikshur.

  7. Luxor sended us offur an we is furry glad ta meet you!

  8. Ariel said

    This post has been removed by the author.

  9. Ariel said

    Sorry about the delete.I should have check my spelling.Found out about your blog from the Meezers.Your a very pretty kitty.

  10. Rascal said

    I found your blog from Luxor’s suggestion. Excellent impression!! I can hardly tell who is who.

  11. Catzee said

    Valdebar, you am a Torti an today is Torti Tuesday! I am furry glad to find more Tortis. Come visit me an the other Tortis, Valdebar. An fank you Luxor for tellin us to come here.

  12. Beau said

    And what nice ears you have! I like this picture best of all! I hope you will continue posting your pictures.

  13. Max said

    The Woman says “Oh! He’s so pretty!”

    Just thought I’d share…

  14. Emma's Kat said

    Wowza! I must say, Valdebar, you are one handsome boy kitty! I’ve seen you around, but am just know finding my way to your blog. I will be bookmarking it and adding you to my list of links to add to Kat’s Cat & Emma’s Blog! Nice bat ear immitation! Don’t ya just love Lux’s bat ears!

  15. Wow. If I sqwint, I can’t tell wether it’s Luxor or a diffrint cat!

  16. Junior said

    You have very nice ears! And you are quite purrty!

  17. You are gorgeous and we are most happy to see pictures of your stunning beauty.

  18. Zeus said

    That’s an amazing impression there, Valdebar. I definitely almost thought I was looking at Luxor!

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