Wow! Everybody came over. Thanks Lex.

I’ll try to remember next week about the Torti Tuesday. I wasn’t at the computer long yesterday. The female was keeping me awake with her typing so I sat on her wrists until she went cuddle but then she turned off the computer for good for the say.

Kitty Music styles



  1. Luxor said

    I was trying to figure out which one of those musical-type cats I might be, but finally decided it all depends on my mood. They’re funny!

  2. yesterday wuz toosday an you did a nice big torti close-up so we fink you par-tis-ipated wifout effun knowing you was ‘posed to.

  3. KC said

    o, grr, midnight & cocoa, they tells me to come overs here ‘n see ‘nother bee-you-tee-ful torti ‘n here u is.

    i’s dunno why, but peoples sez i looks like a froot bat.

    when my V-E-T furst sees me, shes said i’s a wombat, then shes called me a froot bat. silly V-E-T, don’t she knows a kitten when hers sees one?

  4. one of us said

    We like the bat ears ~Merlin, Shadow, ko Ko

  5. That’s a furry fine photo of you below!

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