Room to Groom


Who let the paparazzi in?
alert lying down


  1. yur such a hansum cat – we love yur new picshures!

  2. Catzee said

    Valdebar, ya Tortied on Tuesday! You are a furry pretty kitty.

  3. Junior said

    That looks like a very nice suuny spot to lay!

  4. Cecilia said

    Oh you look very comfy in your sunny spot. We love your new pictures. You should definately take part in Torti Tuesday.

  5. Kelly Cat said

    Some humans can’t help themselves. They look at you with big googly eyes and then they reach for the camera. You just want to say, “Don’t bother me because I’m beautiful!”

    Hang in there, lovely Valderbar. Maybe you’ll get more treats if you act as though you like it.

  6. Ariel said

    Hello Valdebar,
    Great photo very beautiful.

  7. What a great sunny patch you have. Can we rent it someday?

  8. KC said

    o, Valdebar, u r a very bee-you-tee-ful tortie.

  9. October 15 is ALL CATS DAY! Come by to visit and celebrate – feel free to steal our banner to post on you bloggie!

  10. Luna said

    nice pictures! Prrr!

  11. What a gorgeous cat you are!


  12. one of us said

    flash, flash, flash, it gets so annoying ~Merlin, Shadow, Ko KO

  13. KC said

    o, Valderbar, u r very very hansum. i likes ta find oth-fur torties ta blogs wif.

  14. Valderbar said

    I have to do more than blog as a torti on tuesday to do it torti tuesday. Com-pli-cat-ed.

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