What is that smell??

I stop nipping my old claw off and go bedside. I think it’s coming from the open mouth. I climb up and take a closer sniff. Whoops. I touched nose to nose. She woke up.

Nothing thrown. All is well.

Back to the between the toes hair. For me at least. She’ll probably fall back asleep at this perfectly fine hour for a stroll.



  1. Heh Heh…nothing thrown. Thats how it goes at our house too. She does NOT like to be awakened in the night. Makes her cranky all day.

  2. Junior said

    I am glad nothing was thrown at you! My Meowm doesn’t throw things either, but her arms flail around and I have to watch out for those!

  3. one of us said

    It’s best to knock everything off the bedside table first just to be sure heehee ~Merlin, Shadow, KO ko

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