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The cave under knees and sheets is delectably hot.
I have gone under twice, but oh, the smell

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huff and purr and squeeze myself in

I wiggle and wriggle and groan and sigh and carve myself a warm spot between the two of them. Saturday nights rule.

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They are trying to switch me to a new kibble. I fish out all the new good kind and leave the rest.

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box, box, box

Still using the box. In this lovely sun, it’s in the perfect spot from the window.

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still here

It wasn’t the nail clipping lady who was coming, but a few cat-positive people with hot laps. I slept on one of them last night. They are still here today. So many new laps to sleep on. Purrrrr.

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they even cleaned their water litter boxes

Somebody important is coming. I don’t think when the doorbell rings it will be the nail-clipping lady. They never make this much cleaning of their nest and floors for her. Who could it be?

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slinking back

Do you ever dash out of the room at hearing a hiss then realize it’s just the humans starting a candle?

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