Yes, I got a whole filet. To myself. Plus plate lickings of her filet plate when she looked away.

Maybe the people will take a picture of me in my new hangout box sometime. If they do, I’ll post a picture.



  1. yur people cook AND use plates? we shure wish we had that goin’ on here. mmmm…say it again…”a whole filet”…mmmmmmm….

  2. Junior said

    A whole filet? Wow! That is alot…was it yummy?

  3. KC said

    o, yummy. that sounds so good.
    i wants ta see more piksures of u, pleeze.

  4. yes, we don’t get enough pictures of you, get them to take some more and post them, those lazy people.

  5. A hideout box! Sounds inrtriguing. Yea, get some pictures up!!!
    Mmmmmm. Filets!!!!

  6. a WHOLE FILET? wow, you haf the most wonderful people efurr!

  7. Yes, pictures……..we love pictures of your beautiful self.


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